• • A Covid-19 Commission has been established within our hotel under the chairmanship of the General Manager, including deputy general managers, all department managers, the hotel doctor, and our hotel lawyer. Following all official instructions from the World Health Organization, the Turkish Republic (T.C.) Ministry of Health, and the T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, all necessary precautions have been implemented and are kept up to date.
  • • The Covid-19 Prevention and Hygiene Practices Protocol, issued by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is applied impeccably and in highly disciplined ways in our hotel restaurant.
  • • Our hotel is Turkey’s sole member of one of the world’s most important luxury hotel consortiums, Relais & Châteaux. As such, the Relais & Châteaux International Covid-19 Prevention and Hygiene Practices are adhered to meticulously.
  • • Cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection practices for all rooms, open and closed areas, as well as all items and materials in our restaurant are carried out and particulars recorded regularly by our staff in accordance with the “Museum Hotel Covid-19 Hygiene Practices Protocol.”
  • • A comprehensive Urgent Action Plan has been drawn up to be implemented upon any case of suspicious symptoms in guests or employees in our restaurant, and all employees are given regular training on the subject.
  • • A Social Distancing Plan is methodically implemented in our restaurant: inside the restaurant and on the terraces, a minimum of 1.5 meters is kept between tables and between sun loungers and tables, also in the pool area; at least 60 cm is kept between chairs. Information boards, specifically pertaining to each area and containing key information about social distancing rules and the necessary requirements to follow are placed around the hotel.



  • • Our hotel and restaurant are regularly inspected (without notice) by the internationally accredited hygienic institutions with which we have contracts within the scope of the Healthy Vacation System (Food Safety, Water Safety, Housekeeping Hygiene Management, and Wellness Hygiene Management).
  • • Samples are taken (and retained) daily in order to make obligatory analyses in our kitchen.
  • • Humidity and temperature measurements from our kitchen storehouses are continuously taken and recorded.
  • • Body temperatures are reviewed and recorded by thermal cameras at all guest and staff entrances/exits.



  • • Disinfectant products of international quality and standards have been placed throughout restaurant, which guests and employees can easily locate and use.
  • • Other than while eating and/or drinking, it is mandatory to wear a mask in our restaurant. Masks and gloves are available from our staff at all times.
  • • All masks and gloves used, as specified in the Waste Management Plan, are to be put into gray garbage cans in general areas and then disposed of following disinfection.
  • • A natural ventilation routine is utilized in all our indoor areas.



  • • All tables and chairs used in our restaurant are regularly disinfected before and after each and every use.
  • • All covers, hand towels, plates, glasses, cutlery, and similar products used in our restaurant are regularly disinfected at high temperatures using products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • • A comprehensive Food Safety Implementation Plan covering our Purchase, Acceptance, Storage, Kitchen, and Restaurant areas has been implemented, and the details recorded, in our restaurant.



  • • Our employees are regularly subjected to thorough health checks.
  • • Our employees are periodically trained in the precautions and procedures to be taken regarding Covid-19, and the use of masks and other protective equipment is meticulous in all our departments.
  • • For our restaurant, a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan, Social Distancing Plan, Waste Management Plan, Food Safety Practices Plan, as well as Covid-19 Hygiene Practices Plans have been prepared for each department, and all our employees are periodically subject to thorough training regarding the plans.
  • • Dining halls, changing rooms, and service vehicles used by our employees are regularly disinfected and particulars recorded. 



  • • Our hotel provides a free private doctor service 24/7 if needed.
  • • As the risks of physical contact form a valet service cannot be minimized during the global pandemic period, we have decided to suspend this service.